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Everyday Angels

  Recently I spent four days in The Royal Jublilee Hospital located in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada. It was quite the roller coaster experience. I had a planned hip surgery (a revision, as they say – meaning second time around) with a brilliant surgeon. I was organized and researched everything I could that … Continue reading Everyday Angels

Whatever Path You Take

This past weekend, I had the privilege to listen to author Susan Wiggs. You can say that I’m a fan. I’ve enjoyed many of her novels in her career stretching over almost three decades. My writing group was fortunate to be able to listen to her outline her journey to publication. It was fascinating to … Continue reading Whatever Path You Take

Being Loved

I’m pondering the themes in my novels and beginning to understand the deep pull of these sometimes hidden concepts. In my Young Adult novels – The Girlfriends Series my two main protagonists Rachel and Steph are yearning and searching for love and acceptance. In my adult contemporary series – The Coopers the two main characters Lily and Hayden are … Continue reading Being Loved

Why I read.

Every once in a while, a section of a novel or sometimes the entire book,  blazes into my brain. And the moment is so delicious, so arresting, so fantastic that  I’m in debt to the author for opening my eyes. I’m able to see the world in a different way. I’ve been reading The Crowning Glory … Continue reading Why I read.

Just An Ordinary Day

Today was wonderful. Just an ordinary day. Trimmed geraniums in my cobalt blue pots on the porch Face-timed the grandson & daughter Went for groceries with the bushman Baked oatmeal muffins – alas, they were rather dry invited a friend for tea – she brought flowers from her garden, and I gave her home-made pesto … Continue reading Just An Ordinary Day