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A meeting of Magicians

This past month I had the privilege of attending a workshop given by magicians. Ah, you may say. But I thought you were a writer. Wasn’t this a writing meeting? True. But in my mind, writers are magicians.  After all, writers spin words out of the atmosphere. And they trap them in poems, short stories, … Continue reading A meeting of Magicians

The word of the month – Acceptance

It’s hard to believe how quickly February rolled by in my life. And I realized I hadn’t shared my word of the month. Here it is: ACCEPTANCE. This is understanding that for right here, right now, that’s the way things are in my life. It doesn’t mean that I necessarily accept everything.  No, some things … Continue reading The word of the month – Acceptance

When in doubt …

When I was young, my dad would share his favourite mantra which was: “When in doubt go back to school.” So whenever I was flopping about (which was often) or changing careers (which was often) he didn’t express concern or disgust. Instead, he would push me towards taking a class, or returning to university. He … Continue reading When in doubt …

There’s something about Water

All my life I’ve loved water. That is, immersing myself in it, whether it is simply a shower, or floating in a hot tub, or swimming in a pool, or a lake or the ocean. However, because I’m such a big fan of pools, I like to see the bottom of what I’m swimming in … Continue reading There’s something about Water

Ushering in the year with a word!

When I was a teenager I believed in New Year’s Resolutions. I chose goals that were totally transformative and impossible. And I did this year after year. For example, a favourite was, “I want to turn into a tall, thin blonde with straight hair.” Ah yes! Easy peasy. Truth bombshell revealed. I’m five feet tall … Continue reading Ushering in the year with a word!